The best flavor of exotic fruits in pulps

Geralia's Exotic Pulps

Our portfolio includes healthy pulps made from 100% natural fruits without added sugars, preservatives, or additives. Our products come from farms certified in good agricultural practices which ensures traceability, freshness, and safety.
Furthermore, We offer frozen fruit, both whole and in pieces (cubes, slices, etc), to meet the unique needs of our clients in the catering industry, restaurants, ice cream shops, and
patisserie shops.

Our Flavors


We carefully select the finest fruits and process them into frozen pulp pieces, perfect for use in refreshing juices, smoothies, desserts, cocktails and more.

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Among the options we have for our customers, is to send our products in the final packaging and presentation of the customer, with their respective brand, so that we save costs associated with repackaging at destination.

Product sizes

100 gr

125 gr

250 gr

1000 gr

No additives or preservatives added

free of sugar or artificial sweeteners